Tyre Curing Presses

The mechanical press range starts from 45” twin cavity tilt back to 104” single cavity slide back. Since full steel OTR production requires segmental molding, Uzer Makina developed slide back type 104” curing press for its customers.




Container Mechanisms

We manufacture lubricant free container mechanisms for segmental type of molds in different type of constructions and still delivering state of art designs based on customer specifications.





The main mold manufacturing method of Uzer Makina is direct engraving. With the state-of-the-art software and state-of-the-art 5axis CNC Machines, the most convenient method to manufacture tire molds is the direct engraving.





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UZER MAKINA, a global company, has been serving the tire industry for more than 30 years and our customers are the world’s leading tire manufacturers. We are Turkey’s premier tire curing pres and tire mold manufacturer, is mainly focused on tire curing processes, including tire curing presses, container mechanisms and tire molds. Beside mechanical type of presses in different types and sizes, we manufacture hydraulically operated tyre curing presses again in different types and sizes.  “Floating Column Type Hydraulic Press” is completely designed by our well experienced engineering team to satisfy all the requirements of our clients.

Management in Uzer Makina  and key staff are tire experts and they are from tire companies which are mainly located in Izmit. We at UZER MAKINA, with the support of our advanced engineering power for the design and the development of products according to our customer’s needs, dedicate our resources to  manufacture of high quality in the shortest  delivery time.

UZER MAKINA utilizes state-of-the-art software technology for CAD and CAM. This software technology provides us with a seamless transfer of solid model data to CAM Systems and results in a reasonable reduction in the product development cycle; integration of CAE to this system ensures superior product quality.

Our plant is based in Izmit which is known as “Turkey’s capital city of the rubber  industry”.

Our quality assurance system has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008.