Hydraulic Presses


Uzer Makina started Hydraulic press production in 2004 with the 51” twin BOM column type hydraulic presses. In year 2007, Uzer Makina developed second generation hydraulic curing presses with the floating column feature which is a very important and unique innovation eliminating mold height adjustment process completely.

In 2009 third generation, fully independent floating column type press is released to the market. Both common cavity and fully independent cavity floating column hydraulic type curing presses are patented by international patent offices. Uzer Makina manufactures Floating Column Type of Hydraulic Tire Curing Presses for passenger and light truck tire sizes from 45” to 52” sizes. These sizes of presses can replace existing smaller size mechanical presses on the same factory footprint

Another recent development is 65” hydraulic curing presses for TBR tires with double cavity. Company started to deliver this type of press to different clients. With the latest EU regulations new tires requires to be labeled with the following tire performance attributes; fuel efficiency, wet grip performance and exterior rolling noise. Rolling noise and fuel efficiency, in other words rolling resistance are strongly related with the radial run out of the tires. In the new generation curing presses with the better centering of green tires into the molds are granted and better uniformity values are guaranteed.