1. Provide high quality, low cost and on time delivery conditions by understanding our customers' needs in order to increase customer satisfaction with a customer oriented approach

2. Create a difference with innovative applications and reach professional perfection by following the technological development in the sector and

3. Contribute to the development of our employees and suppliers, carry out activities for improving knowledge and skills to increase employee satisfaction

4. Prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases within the scope of human respect by complying with all legal and other conditions related to occupational health and safety

5. Be sensitive to the environment by preventing environmental pollution in the resource, and comply with all legal and other conditions

6. Protect the environment by reducing waste through efficient use of natural resources

7. Provide all necessary information and resources to achieve the targets and goals, provide the information security within the scope of the security policy

8. Continuously develop and improve the effectiveness of Management Systems and Processes through planned, systematic and proactive approaches

9. Provide the interested parties and the public to reach the policy within the scope of transparency