To produce environments conscious, high quality, low cost, innovative products that satisfy the expectaitons of our clients and contribute economy of the country by using our resources effectively.



To become a global company, with the philosophy of perfection, that enhances its production capacity and develops its own technology.



Customer Orientation
Customer is our main focus. We provide customer loyalty with mutual value, long term and close relationships. Our customer relations are based on flexibility, reliability, speed and solution partnership

The main principle of our company's success is the innovative approach. We are confident in our creativity to develop new methods, capture opportunities, solve problems and capture perfection.

To be open to change
We try and learn new ideas and are willing to learn and adapt to change in this respect. We create a positive working environment by providing the necessary support and tools for our employees.

To Become Proactive
Before the problems arise, we identify the potential causes, take the necessary precautions, and produce solutions to avoid the repetition of mistakes.

We support the professional development of our employees by giving responsibility

Trueness is our guide. We give first priority to honesty, legal compliance and transparency in our personal and business relationships.

Team Spirit
We help each other to capture success as a team and enjoy it.