Uzer Makine ve Kalıp San. A.Ş. Commits

1. To act in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations in force,
2. To act in compliance with the relevant legislation on the employment of children and young workers,
3. Not to employ forced or involuntary workers,
4. To make normal and overtime payments, to provide social benefits, to comply with applicable laws and other applicable legislation during working hours, and act on voluntary basis in overtime
5. Being not discriminating among the employees during employment, working period or disemployment in terms of race, language, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, membership to associations or civil organizations,
6. To provide the participation of all employees in occupational health and safety practices and maintain a working system that keeps the general health of the employees at first
7. To prevent environmental pollution based on environmental risk and impact assessment and to reduce pollution at source,
8. To comply with the philosophy of SA 8000 Social Responsibility Standard in relation to all stakeholders and to obey all relevant laws and regulations, in particular labor law, in this respect