Review of Tire Technology Expo 2019

Review of Tire Technology Expo 2019

Tire Technology Expo 2019 hosted the launch of our new PCR cross-placed floating-column hydraulic press. Compared with its predecessor, the new curing press is considerably more compact yet still offers all the advantages of the patented floating-column technology. These include automatic mould height adjustment, easily accessible squeezing cylinders and short cycle times.

We also announced that the design process of TBR Floating Column Type Hydraulic Presses will be completed within year 2019. 

At the mold side, we announced recent investment in laser texturing, which enables the company to engrave unique textures on sidewall plates. 

We also introduced a magnetic sidewall plug changing solution which decreases the plug changing time significantly without distorting the appearance on tire sidewalls.

The last but not least, Uzer Makina announced its collaboration with Fineline Technologies for its Smart Molds.

Uzer Makina at Tire Technology Expo 2019

Uzer Makina will attend Tire Technology Expo 2019 which will be held in Hannover Germany.

Painting Contest among Uzer Makina Children

Winners of the painting contest among children of our blue collar employees received their awards.

Uzer Makina at ITEC 2018

Uzer Makina will be at Akron, Ohio for ITEC 2018 between 11-13 September 2018.