Review of Tire Technology Expo 2020

Review of Tire Technology Expo 2020

Last week, Uzer Makina attended to Tire Technology Expo, one of the most important events in the tire industry which is held every year in Hannover, Germany. Uzer Makina was shortlisted again for Tire Industry Supplier of the year category in Tire Technology International Awards 2020 after the last years’ nomination.

Uzer Makina showcased the brand-new high contrast texturing technology on sidewall plates with laser engraved sidewall plate and tire cured in it. This technology makes the markings on sidewall with very high contrast values so that the markings can be seen more sharply compared to traditional markings.

Secondly, digital twin of new Cross Placed Floating Column Hydraulic press was demonstrated in the virtual reality which is developed jointly with Rockwell Automation. Digital twin application enables the curing presses working in the virtual environment before it is assembled and commissioned in real life, therefore it decreases the probability of making mistakes on the real machine. At the same time, it is also beneficial for new operator trainings since operators can experience all the probable scenarios in the virtual reality before interacting with the real machine.

Tire Technology Awards 2020 shortlist revealed!

Tire Technology Awards 2020 shortlist has just been revealed! Uzer Makina has been nominated again for Tire Industry Supplier of the Year category after last year's nomination.

Uzer Makina at Tire Technology Expo 2020!

As Uzer Makina, we'll be attending Tire Technology Expo 2020 which will be held in Hannover, Germany between 25-27th February 2020. You may find us at Hall 21 Booth No: 9042.

Uzer Makina Continues Expansion

After doubling capacity in 2018 by separating press and mold factory, we are in progress of another expansion. We’ll move the pre-producing activities from press production plant to a brand-new building in early 2020. The construction process is underway.