Uzer Makina is committed to deliver high quality products, therefore quality inspections are one of the most critical processes for us.

All of our products are subjected to quality control prior to shipment. A variety of quality measurement methods are utilized including CMM, run-out and portable measuring arm inspections. All presses comply with European quality standards and contain CE label.

01 Portable Measuring Arm for Molds
02 CMM (Coordinate Measurement)
03 Run Out Control
04 Portable Measuring Arm for Press Parts


Besides ISO 9001 approved operational excellence, we are proud of attaching great value on business sustainability. We believe ensuring labor safety and fulfilling environmental responsibilities are the key to the success. Therefore, Uzer Makina has adopted “Integrated Management System” that brings ISO 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates together.

Quality Management

Integrated Management System Policy Of Uzer Makina:

  • Providing high quality, low cost and on time delivery conditions by understanding our customers' needs,
  • Creating a difference with innovative applications and reaching professional perfection by following the technological development in the industry,
  • Contribution to the development of our employees and suppliers, carrying out activities for improving knowledge and skills,
  • Preventing occupational accidents and occupational diseases, by complying with all compulsory and noncompulsary occupational health and safety regulations,
  • Being sensitive to the environment by preventing environmental pollution in the resource, and comply with all compulsory and noncompulsary regulations,
  • Protecting the environment by reducing waste through efficient usage of natural resources,
  • Providing protection regarding information security of all parties that involved within the organisation.
  • Continuously develop and improve the effectiveness of management systems and processes through planned, systematic and proactive approach,